Greetings from the World of Indian music and the inner creative resource of Home Records. Formed by like-minded individuals, Violin Maestro R. Kumaresh and Veena Exponent Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh, Home Recordsí endeavour is to encourage and spread awareness through expressions of experiments in interpretations of the dynamic aspects of Indian music and its related performing arts. Admired for their virtuosity, the founders of the company have the distinction of being world artistes, music directors, composers, singers, producers, international faculty, researchers and educationists. Their experiments in the inspiring dimensions of Carnatic music renditions have been passionately devised with a conscience and designed to reach out to perceptive hearts of all age groups through concerts worldwide. In over thirty years of their passionate emotional journey in contacting the essence quality of Indian Music they have experienced infinite intuition, complete will, shimmering joy, overwhelming strength and boundless compassion for the arts.

In its pursuit of finding the limits of the possible by going beyond into the impossible, Home Records is committed to higher orders of universal innovation in music as a World concept to support mankind come in touch with the "Laya" of change and motion. At Home Records we believe that this is possible by being within the striking measure of the core principles of pure classical music thus retaining and reinforcing the authenticity of the art form while turning human emotions towards a higher and more intense ideal of sensitising the world. The Group prepares itself to bring to the world musical experiences that feel so immediate yet so timeless.

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